About Us

Tech Medics is a local electronic repair store located in Salinas California. Not only are we an electronic repair store, but we offer many other services including cellular plan startups as well as buying and selling smartphones. Unlike many of our competitors, we pride ourselves in using genuine OEM parts. Tech Medics was founded by our two owners, Hong and Andy. Before Tech Medics, we were known as UBreakIPhix; however, amongst the expansion into two stores, UBreakIPhix transitioned to Tech Medics.
Hong was a pioneer of the cellphone repair service here in the Monterey County. Here at Tech Medics, we take pride in our work. Our employees have taken comprehensive training to learn this trade so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality service that they deserve. Broken devices may be stressful and irritating, but nonetheless, Tech Medics are on it. We focus more on the quality of work done rather than the speed of the work because we want our customers to walk out of our shop in hopes that they they don't have to come back for the same reason. Our team consist of technicians that are well versed in a wide range of electronic devices. When electronic devices are at risk of being damaged or have been damaged, we are on the scene. We are Tech Medics, the medics for your tech.

 Meet the team

Not only do we believe in the high standards we set upon each repair we believe in our experienced repair technicians to do their jobs efficiently so that you may get back to your normal life hassle free.

Phone Repair Technician

Phone repair Technician

Phone Repair Technician