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Common Phone Issues

Screens and Battery Issues

There are many questions revolving around a smartphone’s battery life

The problem with over charging

Smartphones have become a part of our daily lifestyle. We are on them without even realizing it. The average screen time of an American adult is around 3 hours a day.

A smartphone’s battery isn’t something that comes to mind when someone uses their smartphone. As people constantly use their phone and charge it excessively, the battery life depreciates. Many smartphone users don’t realize that over charging their phones can damage the battery long term. Many people always want their phones to constantly be on 100% or close to it. Over charging a phone can cause the battery to expand. If the battery expands too much and gets punctured by another part inside the phone, that battery can explode. Smartphone batteries are composed of lithium ions that, when exposed to air, burns up to 1000˚F and pouring water will only make it more angrier.

Why you should stick with genuine parts

Here at Tech Medics, we only use Genuine Apple batteries. The problem with other phone repair stores is that they don't use genuine apple batteries. Bootleg battery problems include:

  1. Equipment destruction is battery leaks
  2. Battery life not lasting long
  3. The ability to hold a charge starts to depreciate after a few weeks
  4. Cases of fake batteries exploding

When charging your phone, always try to use the genuine charging cable and block that came with the phone. The problem with off brand charging cables and blocks is that they don’t regulate the proper charge thus damaging your phone battery.

We strongly discourage the use of bootleg products and parts because we believe that if someone is paying for a service or product, they should get what they paid for.

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