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Phone Water Damage

Water turns into a phone’s kryptonite when it works its way into the ports, jacks and speakers. Once inside, it flows into the circuits. The result? The water, which acts as a conductor, carries a current which then overloads the phone with energy, frying the circuit board.

Certain practices make this worse, such as allowing the phone to dry on its own. Letting water sit in the phone leads to corrosion of its circuits, coils and resistors due to minerals in the water.

This one throws people off too because the damage isn’t immediately apparent in all cases. Sometimes, the water might take a little longer to reach vulnerable components. That’s why someone can drop their phone in water without any noticeable effects. But the following day, those poor souls won’t be able to turn on their phones.

The other thing to keep in mind is the source of water. Dropping your phone in a puddle or the toilet is bad, but dropping it in the ocean, and you can kiss that phone goodbye. Salt water is highly corrosive and will damage a phone’s components much quicker than freshwater. So be careful when taking selfies on your boat.

if your phone fell in water, you need to act fast.

Immediate procedure

There are no hacks to getting rid of water damage

Next step

Your next step is to take the phone to a local trusted phone repair shop like Tech Medics In Salinas, CA. Tech Medics is a local phone repair shop fixing phones, tablets, and computers. Tech Medics Pride themselves in only using genuine OEM parts. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call Tech Medics for advice on what to do with your phone. 


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